privacy, legal and data handling

General Information

General information pertaining to visitors of this website is recorded for website improvement purposes. Generally this information cannot be traced back to individual persons.

Copyright Information

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Parental Information

The More Agency Ltd. is aware that children may visit this site. The More Agency Ltd. encourages parents to supervise the computer use of their children and to consider the use of internet filters.

Statement of Privacy

This site does not collect any private information. The More Agency Ltd. acts in accordance with UK privacy laws. The More Agency Ltd. reserves the right to amend this Statement of Privacy if changes in our policy, business operations, the law or legal precedent give grounds to do so.

Data Handling

The More Agency only retains e-mail, office address and contact phone number data on its clients and does not share this information with any third party, other than when approved to do so for any sample or end product delivery via courier, and we do not process or manipulate this data in any way or mass mail to this client database.

For any projects requiring distribution management, in terms of end product delivery, we request that all client database XL spreadsheets are supplied password protected, with the password always supplied separately and via a different supply medium, and, once used on any single specific job, we delete any database within 28 days of project completion.

All credit and debit card payment transactions are processed live via our online payment processor so no card details are ever recorded elsewhere or kept on file anywhere.

In compliance with GDPR, all the data we hold is held on password protected files or within our password protected e-mail server and all business computers and mobile devices are also password and / or fingerprint recognition system protected and we endeavour to keep all records correct and up to date and we handle all data in full confidentiality.